Eirini Ntoutsi

Full professor

  • E-mail: eirini.ntoutsi@unibw.de



Tai Le Quy

External Postdoc (L3S, DE)

Ph.D. Students

Tobias Callies

Ph.D. Student

Seyed Siamak Ghodsi

External Ph.D. Student (L3S, DE)

Alaa Elobaid

External Ph.D. Student (CERTH, GR)

Simone Fabbrizzi

External Ph.D. Student (CERTH, GR)

Master and Bachelor students

HiWi students

Former members

  • Manuel Heurich , PhD Student, August 2021 - May 2022 (currently PhD student @FUB)
  • Yi Cai , PhD student, November 2020 - May 2022, Topic: Explanations for text classification (currently PhD student @FUB)
  • Philipp Naumann , PhD student, March 2021 - May 2022, Topic: Counterfactual fairness (currently PhD student @TUB)
  • Nabil Alsabah , Lecturer
  • Vasileios Iosifidis , PhD student, June 2016 - July 2020, Topic: Fairness-aware machine learning & learning under limited labels, PhD thesis: “Semi-supervised learning and fairness-aware learning under class imbalance”
  • Amir Abolfazli , PhD student, April 2019 - July 2020, Topic: Adaptive machine learning (currently PhD student @LUH)
  • Damianos Melidis , PhD student, 2017 - 2018, Topic: Ensemble learning over heterogeneous streams (currently PhD student @LUH)

Former visitors

  • Srijanani Saiegiridar (Visiting BSc student), 01/01/2020-31/7/2020, Sastra Deemed University, India. Research topic: Fair clustering.
  • Bahman Askari (Erasmus MSc student), WiSe18/19-SS19, University of Camerino, Italy. Research topic: demand prediction. Related publication SSMLS@COMPSAC 2020 .
  • Wenbin Zhang (Visiting PhD student), WiSe17/18-SS18, University of Maryland, USA. Research topic: Online fairness. Related publication IJCAI 2019 .

Former Master and Bachelor students

Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) , Germany

  • Philipp Naumann , MSc, ‘‘Evolutionary Instance Tweaking’’, WiSe20/21.
  • Leonard Zucht , MSc, ‘‘Application of Amortized Fairness in Sequential Group Recommendations Using Collaborative Filtering’’, WiSe19/20.
  • Philip Ossenkopp , BSc, ‘‘Dealing with Concept Drifts via Weightless Neural Networks’’, WiSe19/20.
  • Niels Nuthmann , BSc, ‘‘Detecting tendon failure from acoustic emission data with machine learning methods’’ - in cooperation with Prof. Marx (Institut für Massivbau), SoSe19.
  • Wazed Ali , MSc, ‘‘Sentiment Analysis using Deep Learning’’, WoSe18/19.
  • Christopher Blake , MSc, ‘‘Knowledge Production and Control of a Black Box Using Machine Learning’’, WS18/19. Related publication: ICBK 2018.
  • Theresa Tholsti , BSc, ‘‘Stability of high dimensional stream clustering’’, SoSe18.
  • Kersten Nicksch , BSc, ‘‘Multicriteria recommendations with implicit criteria’’, SoSe18.
  • Simon Wingert , MSc, ‘‘Augmentation on image data for deep learning’’, SoSe18.
  • Alvaro Alvaro Veizaga Campero , MSc, ‘‘Sentiment Analysis with Deep Learning’’, SoSe18.
  • Ruben Hohndorf , MSc, ‘‘Data stream clustering”, SoSe18.
  • Bin Li , MSc, ‘‘Anomaly detection in sensor streams’’, SoSe18.
  • Monseh Haghaieghshenasfard , Research project, Taxi Fare Prediction, SoSe18.
  • Al Kafi Khan , Research project, ‘‘Predictive Maintenance’’, SoSe 17.
  • Amit Tyagi , MSc project, “Outlier detection in data streams”, SoSe 17.
  • Rajib Das, MSc, “Mining opinionated product features from Amazon reviews”, SoSe 17.
  • Alvaro Alvaro Veizaga Campero , Research project, “Lexicon-based approaches for sentiment analysis in Twitter”, SoSe 17. Related publication: WIMS 2018 .
  • Lijun Lyu , Research project, “Wikipedia Entity Enrichment from News Streams”, SoSe 17.
  • Nrithya Muniswamy & Nidhi Chachra , Research project, “Implicit network mining from archive collections”, SoSe 17.
  • Sudhir Kumar Sah , MSc, “Topic extraction from archive collections”, WiSe 16/17.

Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU) , Germany

  • Omar Backhoff , MSc, “Scalable Online-Offline Stream Clustering in Apache Spark”, TUM Munich, 2017. Related publication
  • Daniel Basaran , MSc, “On the effect of duplicated reviews on performance statistics of recommender systems”, LMU Munich, 2016. Related publication
  • Benedikt Böhm , Project work, “Building blocks for multicriteria recommendation systems”, LMU Munich, 2016.
  • Yulia Bobkova , BSc, Interaktive Bestimmung charakterstischer Punktmengen durch Kombination von Clusterings”, LMU Munich, 2016. Related publication
  • Hossain Mahmud , MSc, “Ensemble Learning in Data Streams”, TUM Munich, 2016.
  • Sebastian Wagner ,BSc, “Ageing-based Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifiers over Data Streams”, LMU Munich, 2015. Related publication
  • Annina Oelschläger , BSc, “Adaptive Ageing of Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifiers over Opinionated Data Streams”, LMU Munich, 2015.
  • Tabea Schmidt , “High Dimensional Stream Clustering”, LMU Munich, 2015.
  • Michael Stockerl , MSc, “Find Templates for Scans and Pictures of Paper Documents”, LMU Munich, 2014. Related publication
  • Michael Stockerl , Project work, “Distributed Computation of User Similarities”, LMU Munich, 2014.
  • Claudia Lauschke , MSc, “Topic extraction and evolution monitoring in social streams”, LMU Munich, 2014. Related publication
  • Katharina Rausch , MSc, “Exploring Subspace Clustering for Recommendations”, LMU Munich, 2013. Related publication
  • Michalis Petropoulos , BSc, “gRecs: A Group Recommendation System”, LMU Munich, 2013. Related publication
  • Charlotte Prieß , BSc, “Domain-specific sentiment analysis in Twitter using Bayesian classifiers”, LMU Munich, 2012.
  • Alina Sinelnikova , BSc, “Sentiment analysis in the Twitter stream”, LMU Munich, 2012. Related publication
  • Alexander Velkov , Diploma thesis, “Incremental Data Bubbles for Non-Vector Data in Arbitrary Metric Space”, LMU Munich, 2011.
  • Kumar Subramanim , Diploma thesis, “Community Detection in Social Networks using Density Based Clustering Algorithms”, LMU Munich, 2011. Related publication
  • Claudia Lauschke , BSc, “User Profile Monitoring in Twitter”, LMU Munich, 2011.
  • Veselin Georgiev , Project work, “Web Profile Monitoring”, Projektarbeit, LMU Munich, 2011.

University of Piraeus , Greece

  • Georgios Tzoumis , MSc, “Data warehousing for news portals”, University of Piraeus, 2006.
  • Marios Mpartzokas , BSc, “Comparing complex patterns: a study on collections of documents”, University of Piraeus, 2006.
  • Anastasia Tzeveleka , BSc, “Duck-miner: A Tool for Discovering and Handling Knowledge from Large DBs”, University of Piraeus, 2005.